Why This Blog?

It seems that everyday I wake up with some random thought in my mind that gets trapped there, festering like a brain disease. I think some people call it inspiration. Others may call it a psychological problem. All these passing feelings, worries, aspirations, revelations, pass through my being only to be lost in time. Lost to a .doc file somewhere on a laptop that eventually doesn’t get backed up right and then fades into the abyss of drafts that I’ve written over the years. It makes me feel good that some of these ramblings get liked by people. My husband makes fun of me. He reads my stories over dramatically and laughs at his pessimistic wife, calling this blog “Rambling and Woes” on purpose. But I think that my friend said it right when she said, “I have a struggling artist friend and that’s cool.” Maybe my pessimism can be put to good use. Uh… Science Fiction?

Anyways, you might enjoy it. But I can write it down and then store it away. This blog is like a little box I can put all those maybe too insane thoughts down on “paper” and close it up in cyberspace, ironically, for all the world to see. But it is for me to press “publish” and then fall soundly asleep. Only to awaken again to be my own spectator of what the next day might bring.