The Cafe

By Angela Kempe

“I would never raise my child until it was an adult!”

Sethliah spoke the words in her mind and then released a musty oil from her skin to show her disdain for the human race. Jenetha knew the smell and thought her words back in reply.

“Keplerian children are far more superior. Our babies reach maturity only two years after they hatch from their egg.”

“Imagine changing diapers!”

They both released an oil of agreement and a smell reminiscent to the scent of a dead earth goat wafted through the air.

“And do you know that Angela from work, just got married and she’s almost thirty? By Keplerian standards that’s almost middle-age. What a waste of life!”

Just then, a bell chimed and a human woman entered the cafe with her baby safely snuggled in a mint green stroller. Upon entering the room the woman caught the stench of the Keplerian females and gagged. As the baby wailed and coughed, she lowered herself to the spittoon near the entrance that was used for human vomit.

Although the humans had tried to adapt to the smells of the Keplerians, they would often suffer from bouts of uncontrollable vomiting when first entering closed spaces. It was especially terrible for those with heightened sense of smell, such as women who were pregnant or people who had the flu.

After heaving her breakfast into the spittoon, the woman reached into her pocket and pulled out some nose plugs for her newborn and her to wear, then walked casually up to the masked barista.

“Triple shot cappuccino, please.”


“Those Keplerians are so barbaric,” she whispered as the barista pressed ground coffee into the espresso maker.

“I know. They never shower. And do you know that they let their female children marry at 2-years-old? How absolutely disgusting!”

*This post was rewritten on 1-1-17 because I was stupid and deleted the whole text on accident!


Author: angelakempe

A songwriter, musician, and writer

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