The Spiderlings

by Angela Kempe

Dear Diary,

I told you before that I really wanted a pet alien spider. They call them “Spiderlings.” My friend Veronica brought one to school and she was the most popular girl at lunch. But, my mom doesn’t want me to get one because they cost too much money. She told me that if I want one then I have to clean up the dog’s mess for one month. Well, it’s been twenty-three days and I’m poo’d out! I didn’t know our fluffy dog, Sammy, had that much poo in him. I think he needs to go on a diet for sure.

Anyway, by the time the month is over, I will be the only one left in class that didn’t get one! Mom doesn’t even care. She said I don’t have to worry. Even though they found the Spiderlings on Mars, they’ve been reproducing them in captivity and there are enough to go around for every house to have one. In fact, they said that by Christmastime next month there should be one Spiderling for every American house!

Well, something happened after school today. I was taking the bus home, when all of the sudden every car on the whole entire street just stopped! Out of nowhere. And a few people on the bus stopped moving entirely. We all started shouting at the bus driver, but he didn’t respond. He was like in this coma or something. Then, a girl in my class started crying and then a bunch of people started leaving. I was like the only one left at the back of the bus. Because I’m dorky and always follow directions. I was waiting for the bus driver to come to, when the bus driver let out this big moan, rolled back his eyes, and just left the bus in the middle of the street!

When I got out of the bus, I could see him and a bunch of other people wandering around like ZOMBIES! People started screaming, so I started running. I ran straight home and locked myself in my room. I was trying to think about what was going on. Why was this happening? Well, I started thinking and I think it had something to do with those Spiderlings. The kids that became Zombies were the ones that had brought their Spiderlings to school in their backpacks. I’ve been hiding in my room ever since and thought that maybe I should just write one last entry in my diary. You know, just incase we all die tonight. I can’t wait for my mom to get home. I’m so scared!

Hold on, I think she’s home…

Oh, no. I can hear her in the kitchen. She just said, “Aria! I brought something home for you. It’s an early surprise!”

I guess this is it. Bye Diary…


*Inspired by challenge to write a diary entry about the first day of a zombie apocalypse.


Author: angelakempe

A songwriter, musician, and writer

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