The Decay of Friendship

(normally I don’t cuss- but it’s a fair word in art)

I could have gone on-

But I didn’t.

I decided to hang on –

Because I like this.

But flowers don’t bloom forever,

Balloons can’t hold their air.

Every game has an ending,

Not everything in life is fair.

Leaves lose their vivid green,

Then crumble off the branch.

I thought that you’d be there with me,

Tumbling through life’s avalanche.

I tried to hold onto our friendship,

Bring you along for my ride.

Buckle you to my safety belt,

So you’d always be by my side.

But life’s an asshole,

And I’m an idiot,

And already we have lost.

You are like my vegetable garden,

Ruined by the frost.

-Angela Kempe


Author: angelakempe

A songwriter, musician, and writer

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